Uthgard DAOC

Uthgard is a custom Dark Age of Camelot server based in Europe.  The goal of Uthgard is to give a Dark Age of Camelot play experience similar to the state of the game before the release of the Trials of Atlantis expansion.  While the leveling system in Dark Age of Camelot can be boring and repetitive, the RvR PvP system is still regarded as one of the best MMORPG PvP systems to date.  Uthgard has been in operation for years and has a sizable regular player based.

You can read more about Dark Age of Camelot at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Age_of_Camelot.
You can read more about the Uthgard custom server http://uthgard.net/

On this page you will find a "one stop shop" as far as finding important information related specifically to the Uthgard server.  There is a lot of Dark Age of Camelot information on the net, but because Uthgard is based on a specific patch years ago -- much of the information that can be found doesn't relate very well to Uthgard.  This web site simply contains basic guidelines for each class along with common RA setups and such.  This is meant to serve as a simple guide for new Uthgard players.  You will find links to guides on each of the classes for each of the three realms in the bar on the right hand side.