Hibernia Class Guide

Class: Animist
Race: Celts are a decent choice for animist because of their balanced stats.  Other options may have much lower DEX which means slower casts.
PvE: Animist PvE is some of the best in the game.  Players typically spec creeping and place large shroom farms that will chain kill mobs.  The shroom farm costs a decent amount of mana to cast which is why grouping with mana regen is always a good idea.
RvR: Many Animist PvP abilities are not working correctly and as such PvPing with this class is not highly recommended.  Some arboreal would be nice for the tangler turret.
RAs: Useful RAs would be mana focused ones - MCL, Seren, RP or EB can also be good.

Class: Bard
Race: Celt is a good choice for Bard as they have higher DEX than a Firbolg which means quicker casting.
PvE: It is recommended to spec Nurture even with your level and to put the rest of your points into regrowth.  Nurture spec will give you access to regen buffs which will primarily be the reason a group invites you.  At later levels points can be placed into Music for mez.
RvR: In PvP as a Bard you will typically be responsible for driving, mezzing, demezzing, and some healing.  Battlebard specs do exist but are fairly rare - don't except to do a massive amount of damage as a Bard...  Some common Bard specs are: 47 Music, 43 Nurture, 16 Regrowth OR 43 Nurture, 37 Music, 33 Regrowth
RAs: Purge, MoC, SoS, MCL, Aug Dex are all good.

Class: Blademaster
Race: Firbolg, Shar, and Celt are the best races for a Blademaster.  If picking a dmg type based purely on STR a Firbolg will give the highest dmg.  A Shar will have a bit more survivability and a bit less dmg.  A Celt is pretty balanced.
PvE: For solo leveling weapon should be same spec as your level for the best damage.  Left over points can be placed in Celtic Dual for increased chance of hitting with offhand.
RvR: There is a lot of variation with end game specs for Blademasters.  It is possible to spec a single weapon, cd, and shield or to spec multiple weapon types and cd to switch on the fly based on your enemy target.
RAs: LW, Charge, Det, MoP, are all good RAs.

Class: Champion
Race: Firbolg is a good choice for Champion because of their naturally high STR.  Celt is a decent option if you do not like the look of Firbolgs and want an even stat distribution.
PvE: It is recommended to spec max Valor and the rest in Large Weapon.  Any left over points can be placed into shield.
RvR: In PvP as a Champ you will be responsible for assisting support damage, dealing with interrupts, and debuffing enemies.  A decent final spec would be 50 Valor, 42 Shiled, 39 Large Weapon.  Heroes/BMs are preferred on Uthgard over Champs, but a well played Champ is better in groups than a poorly play Hero or BM.
RAs: Purge, Det, Aug Str, MoP, MoB are decent RAs to look at.

Class: Druid
Race: Celt or Sylvan is are good racial choices for a Druid.  Firbolgs have a large focus on STR which isn't a key stat for Druids.  Celts are pretty balanced while Sylvan's have a little bit less DEX but better racial resistances.
PvE: There are some choices here.  Keeping Nature close to level and the rest in Nurture allows you to have the ability to solo level if needed, but also have buffs to provide for getting into groups.  Alternatively if you know you will not be soloing much you could pretty much just keep Nurture at level and put the rest into Regrowth for healing.
RvR: There are a few popular spec choices.  42 Nurture, 33 Regrowth, 7 Nature gives yellow spec buffs and red acuity along with decent healing and 2nd pet.  40 Nurture, 35 Regrowth, 9 Nature allows for a bit better group heal instead of red acuity.  A druid will be responsible for healing along with some rooting and interrupting with pet.
RAs: Purge, MoC, MCL, Aug Dex are some good RAs to have.

Class: Eldritch
Race: Lurikeens are a good choice for Eldritch because of their higher DEX, this will allow for quicker cast spells.  Elf has a little bit less DEX but higher INT casting stat.
PvE: The two viable specs are Light and Mana.  Bolts are buggy on Uthgard and should not be specced.  Mana is the spec line for doing PBAE dmg to many mobs at the same time - this is sought after in group leveling.  Light will allow for killing single mobs at a time.
RvR: A final light spec would look like 46 Light, 28 Mana.  This allows for best nearsight, good dex/qui debuff, decent DD, ae disease, and yellow mez.  A final mana spec would be 50 Mana, 20 Light.  This would provide the best pbae, snare, str/con debuff, nearsight but DD damage would have high variance.
RAs: Purge, MCL, Seren, Aug Dex, Aug Acuity, MoM, WP are all good RAs for casters.

Class: Enchanter
Race: Lurikeens have the highest DEX making them a good choice for a caster.
PvE: Keeping Mana specced at level is a great way to level an Enchanter.  Mana spec allows the enchanter to put a focus dmg shield on their pet and to let their pet kill mobs.  This allows the enchanter to level up fairly easily without spending much money on anything.  It is extremely efficient when grouped with a Mana Mentalist that can do some healing and provide mana regen.
RvR: 49 Mana, 22 Light is a good RvR spec.  This will provide the best debuffs, 2nd to best PBAE spell, but single line nukes will have a fairly large damage variance.
RAs: Purge, MCL, Seren, Aug Dex, Aug Acuity, MoM, WP are all good RAs for casters.

Class: Hero
Race: Firbolgs are a good choice for Hero race because of their high STR.  A Firbolg Hero will allow for the highest dmg possible.
PvE: Leveling a hero you will want to level with Large Weapon or Celtic Spear being the same as your character level.  Left over points can be placed into Shield or Parry.
RvR: Heros typically spec to 50 in Large Weapon or Celtic Spear, 42 to 50 in Shield, and the rest into a Weapon type and Parry.  They use the shield for defensive guarding, and swap to a 2 hander (LW or CS) to do damage.  42 Shield or higher is key for using Slam stun.
RAs: LW, Purge, Det, MoP, MoB, can all be good depending on spec and playstyle.

Class: Mentalist
Race: Lurikeens have the highest DEX making them a good choice for a caster.
PvE: Mentalist that level in full Mana spec have a mana regen spell available that makes them wanted in groups.  They also have access to an AE dot which can allow them to AE farm camps of mobs.  The Mentalist can AE Dot, run away a little bit, turn around an AE Dot again, and wipe out a large group of mobs with little effort.  Mana regen helps keep downtime lower.
RvR: 46 Light, 28 Mentalism, 4 Mana is the typical PvP spec.  High light spec allows for good nuking potential, pet charming potential, and the mentalism spec allows for demezz which is good in groups.  Mana is not typically specced for end game PvP because the DOTs do not do that great of damage and can also break CC if using AE.
RAs: Purge, MCL, Seren, Aug Dex, Aug Acuity, MoM, WP are all good RAs for casters.

Class: Nightshade
Race: Lurikeens and Elves both make decent choices of Nightshades.
PvE: One of the best ways to level a Nightshade is to keep Weapons at your level, Poison at your level, and left over points go into Celtic Dual.  The DOT poison itself provides a fairly substantial DPS boost.  You can stop training Poison when it gets to your end game goal levels.  Stealth will Autotrain if it is not touched - so you will get Stealth points for free while leveling this way.
RvR: A good endgame spec for a Nightshade is 44 Critical Strike, 36 Weapon, 35 Stealth, 35 Poison, and 25 Celtic Dual. This allows for strong stealth openers and standard assassin play.
RAs: LW, MoS, Viper, MoP, Purge, are all decent RAs for an assassin.

Class: Ranger
Race: Celt or Shar would be a decent choice for Blade weapon type.  Lurikeen decent for pierce or bow. 
PvE: Rangers are pretty powerful PvE classes on Uthgard because of their self buffs.  Pathfinding should be 1-3 below level with the rest into Weapon.  Any left over points can be put into Celtic Dual/Stealth.  Bow can Autotrain.
RvR: In PvP Rangers are powerful with their self buffs.  On Uthgard buffbots are not allow so often many players are left to go without buffs.  A final melee range spec would look like 42 Celtic Dual, 40 Pathfinding, 35 Pierce, 35 Stealth, 12 Bow.  A more hybrid bow spec would be 40 Pathfinding, 39 Pierce, 35 Bow, 35 Stealth, 18 Celtic Dual.
RAs: MoS, PD, MoP, Purge, IP are all good RAs for a Ranger.

Class: Valewalker
Race: A Firbolg will allow for the highest STR to get the best dmg out of Scythe weapon.  A Celt would be a good choice for more balance between melee and casting stats as a Firbolg has low DEX.
PvE: Scythe should be kept at level or 1 under level, the remainder of points should be placed into Aboreal for buffs.  Any leftover points can be placed into Parry.  This allows for decent weapon dmg while also providing buffs and nukes.
RvR: A good end game PvP spec for a Valewalker would be 50 Scythe, 38 Arboreal, and 20 Parry.  Valewalkers have strong nukes and strong melee but are not actively sought for group play because they lack "pure tank" abilities.  A well played Valewalker is still a force to be reckoned with.
RAs: LW, Purge, Det, Aug Str, MoP, are decent RAs for a Valewalker.

Class: Warden
Race: There is a lot of variation in best racial choice for a Warden.  Best race will really fall back on what you plan to do with the Warden - for Solo play Firbolg is nice because of its STR boost.  If playing more of a group or support DPS role then a Celt would be a good choice.
PvE: Solo spec should be weapon skill at or 1 below level with the rest of points in Nurture.  Alternatively you could also spec primarily with Nurture and hope for groups.
RvR: A good Warden support spec would be 49 Nurture, 33 Regrowth, 25 Blades, 14 Parry.  For a solo Warden weapon spec would be higher and regrowth and nurture would be lower.  As a support Warden in groups you would assist by providing buffs, resistance buffs, pulsing blade turn, and interrupting/support dps.
RAs: Warden RAs will depend heavily upon playstyle.  If focusing on support/healing then RAs that highlight casting should be taken.  If focusing on solo dmg then survival and damage boosting RAs should be taken.