Midgard Class Guide

Class: Berserker
Race: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat.  Norse are a more balanced choice if you do not like how trolls look.
PvE: It is generally recommended to keep Left Axe spec at your level with the rest of points into a weapon type (Hammer, Axe, or Sword) and then anything left over into Parry.  Left Axe styles will be your bread and butter.
RvR: 50 Weapon, 50 Left Axe, 28 Parry OR 50 Left Axe, 39 Hammer, 39 Weapon choice 2, rest Parry.  Because of the way weapon skill works on Uthgard it is completely viable to spec in two different weapon lines and switch weapons on the fly.  Hammer is attractive for RvR because of a back style snare.
RAs: LW, Charge, and Det are all key.  Purge, MoP, and Aug Str can also be useful.

Class: Bonedancer
Race: Bonedaners on Uthgard primarily revolve around Suppression - which has a focus on an instant cast lifeleech spell.  Racial stat differences for Bonedancers really aren't that large since primary damage is not specifically cast.  With more and more implementation of the Bonedancer class Kobold may come out ahead.  Some players like the Valkyn for their resistances, which are nice for RvR.
PvE: Suppression at level is the main recommended spec for leveling.  There is only a single BD pet that is implemented on Uthgard.  This spec primarily levels based on a DOT to pull and insta lifetapping while meleeing a mob to death with your staff and your pet.  As such there is little to no downtime ever waiting on health - only power.  Bonedancer DOT is weaker than Shaman's.
RvR: High Suppression is also recommended for PvP since a lot of the class is not fully implemented.  The lifeleech allows Bonedancers to have pretty good survivability as a caster class on Uthgard.  47 Suppression and 26 Darkness is the main PvP spec.
RAs: MCL, Seren, Purge, PD can all be good.

Class: Healer
Race: Best race is pretty open here.  Some pick norse to try to blend in, some go frost for the better casting stat, dwarf use to be very popular in classic days.
PvE: Full Aug spec can solo well on Uthgard.  The large amount of buffs available makes it possible to easily chain yellow/orange mobs.  The healer is able to melee mobs to death, heal up and dmg taken, and then pull the next mob.  While fighting their power will recharge and they will be able to heal again by the time the mob dies.  Alternatively a healer could spec primarily in Pac and group with a PBAE spiritmaster for quick castergroup XP.  
RvR: There is a wide variety of PvP specs for healer.  Pac healers focus more on mez and stun, Aug healers focus more on buffing and healing.  See this link on a good healer guide.
RAs: Purge, MCL, Seren, MoC, Aug Dex can all be useful.

Class: Hunter
Race: Best race is pretty open here.  Frostalf is the only racial option that is at a disadvantage.
PvE: There are two options for leveling here - you can go melee and keep weapon at level (Sword is STR, Spear is half STR half DEX), put rest into Beastcraft.  Alternatively you can keep bow at your level and put the rest into beastcraft.
RvR: There is a wide variety of PvP specs for hunter.  Primarily the large differences will come between having higher melee skill or having higher bow skill.  A high melee Hunter may spec like 50 Beastcraft, 44 Spear, 36 Stealth, rest Bow.  A focus on Bow damage would see a spec like 40 Beastcraft, 35 Bow, rest in Spear.  Hunters are regarded as one of the weakest classes on Uthgard currently.  If you enjoy playing the underdog, this class is for you.
RAs: Purge, MoS, PD, Aug Dex, IP are all decent.

Class: Runemaster
Race: Best race for Runemaster is typically Kobold.  Their high DEX allows for faster casting rates.  Since Uthgard doesn't allow for TOA caster speed bonuses DEX is all the more important.
PvE: Due to buggy bolts that miss a lot Runecarving spec is not advised.  Suppression can be group friendly but can be a big power drain and cause issues soloing.  Darkness is a pretty strong PvE spec because of the large nuke damage and the damage add ability.  This gives strong soloing options, along with providing the highest damage add buff in the realm of Midgard (very nice for melee heavy leveling groups).
RvR: The major Runemaster PvP spec is 47 Darkness and 27 Suppression.  This allows for nice hitting nukes while supplying utility of pulsing blade turn and nearsight out of the Suppression line.  A Runemaster will be responsible for nearsighting enemy casters and nuking/supporting with dmg wherever needed. 
RAs: Purge, MCL, Aug Dex, MoM, WP are all key.

Class: Savage
Race: H2H damage is Str/Dex based.  From base racial stats, trolls have slightly more dmg than Valkyn, Norse or Kobold (which have the same), and Dwarf has slightly lower dmg than those.  Valkyn and Kobolds have higher evade rates than the other choices.  Based on this information I would suggest Kobolds are one of the best racial options for a Savage.
PvE: You will want to keep H2H the same spec as your level and put the rest of your points into Savagery.  The Savagery line contains many buffs to aid in combat - these buffs cost life.  Uthgard is bugged where styles which are supposed to hit multiple targets do not but this is not a huge limitation on the savage.
RvR:  Savage H2H mechanic is currently counted as 1h attack which means that Savages have a much harder time getting past shield tanks.  A Berserker will see far less of their attacks blocked than a Savage.  Because of this Savages are not the top choice in RvR groups.  Savages can still do very high dmg on unguarded targets.  A standard spec is 49 Savagery, 44 H2H, and rest in Parry.
RAs: Like most melee - LW, Det, Purge, MoP are key realm abilities to have.

Class: Shadowblade
Race: Norse are considered the best choice for a Shadowblade because all damage is STR based and Norse has the highest amount.
PvE: It is recommended to keep Left Axe at even spec with your level and to keep envenom within 5 points of your level.  This allows you to have 1 poison less than the best one at all times.  Left over points should be placed into a weapon (Sword or Axe) to reduce damage variance.  With this spec stealth is not needed and can be left to Autotrain until level 44+.  Left Axe styles are powerful and poisons do a lot of damage so this is a pretty efficient way to level a stealther.
RvR: There are two major alternatives here.  One spec keeps high Left Axe and envenom similar to what is suggested with the leveling spec, this is known as Shadowzerk.  A Typical Shadowzerk spec is 50 Left Axe, 35 Weapon, 36 Stealth, 36 Envenom, rest in Critical Strike.  Another method is to spec for high critical strike and attempt to do the proper stealth openers while having lower Left Axe skill.  Both play styles have their appeal - typically Shadowzerk is recommended for play at lower realm levels.
RAs: MoP, Aug Str, Viper can be useful.

Class: Shaman
Race: Trolls are not really recommended for Shamans because of their DEX disadvantage.  DEX plays a pretty crucial role in determining cast speed.  Best options are typically between Frostalf and Kobold.
PvE: If you want to group a lot on your way to 50 then high Aug spec is great for leveling.  This gives access to nice spec buffs along with endurance regen buff.  This makes shamans highly sought after on Uthgard where many of the leveling groups are melee based.  If you are planning on more solo leveling then higher cave spec would be better.
RvR:  A common RvR spec is 46 Augmentation, 27 Cave, and 8 Mend is pretty standard.  Some go 48 Aug, some go 43.  Spec here is open to change a bit depending on personal play style obviously.  Shamans are primarily responsible for buffing the group, shearing, and diseasing/offering general support.
RAs: Purge, Seren, MCL, MoC, Ichor are all good RAs.

Class: Skald
Race: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat.  Norse are a more balanced choice if you do not like how trolls look.
PvE: Keep Battlesong at level with the rest of points into weapon type.  Hammer is typically recommended as a good leveling weapon type because of the level 15 anytime style which has a low endurance cost.  Between damage add from Battlesongs, 2 DDs, and health regen song a Skald can level with minimal downtime.
RvR:  46 Battlesongs, 44 Hammer, 17 Parry.  Skalds in RvR focus on support, peeling/snaring enemy players and interrupting casters.
RAs: LW, Purge, SoS, AoG are all useful.  IP, AM, MoP are also nice.

Class: Spiritmaster
Race: Frostalf has the best casting stat but slower casting speed than Kobold.  If the character is to be a PvE farmer then Frostalf is probably the best racial choice - if PvPing at all then Kobold would be better.
PvE: For solo PvE leveling summoning is a pretty good spec.  Pet pulling with dmg shield allows a Spiritmaster to level up easily/safely without spending a lot of money on equipment.  If the Spiritmaster has other players to group with Suppression can be a good leveling spec because of a PBAE damage spell (harms many enemies in one cast).  Suppression is a bit harder to solo with however.  Darkness can also be a decent soloing spec but requires power regen consumables.
RvR: There is some variation in spec based on personal preference but a decent starting spec is 47 Darkness, 26 Suppression.  This gives the highest lifetap along with str/con debuff and 40 sec mez.
RAs: Purge, MoC, Aug Dex, WP are good to have.

Class: Thane
Race: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat.  Norse are a more balanced choice if you do not like how trolls look.
PvE: Thanes make decent PvE levelers on Uthgard.  Self dmg add buff along with self str/con buff are extremely useful on a server that does not allow buffbots.  The ability to have DD damage to injury enemies before they get close is also handy.  Thanes also can spec shield and wear chain armor.  Keep Stormcalling high for the buffs to aid in leveling.  Hammer is recommended for a leveling weapon type because of low endurance costs.  Shield spec is also handy for leveling to take less damage and to stun your enemy.
RvR:  46 Stormcalling, 42 Shield (Slam), 39 Hammer, 20 Parry is a decent RvR spec.  Thanes are not very popular in Uthgard RvR settings.  Warriors can typically provide most of the same group support a Thane can do - and better (access to tank RAs).  Still, a well played Thane will be better in a group than a poorly played Warrior.  A Thane in RvR can play defensively and help group, along with providing support dps and interrupts.
RAs: Purge and Det can be handy.  MoB would be good if you play mostly in group and defensively with lots of guarding.  Thane RAs depend a lot upon playstyle and if solo or grouped.

Class: Warrior
Race: Trolls are considered the best racial choice for most melee classes due to their extremely high STR stat.  If building a defensive warrior some decide to go for kobold because of their high DEX.    Norse are a more balanced choice.
PvE: Leveling a warrior you will want to keep your weapon (Hammer recommended for low endurance costs) spec equal to your level.  The rest of your points should be dumped into block to mitigate damage.  Anything left over can be dumped into parry.  Warriors start out slow but eventually they will be wearing chain armor and blocking the majority of incoming attacks - this means less time sitting waiting for health to regen.
RvR:  There is some variation in RvR specs for warriors.  Typically a minimum of 42 shield is wanted for slam and defensive abilities.  Weapon type is a factor of personal preference.  As a melee class on Midgard there is no separate spec for 2h weapons which is a huge benefit Warriors have over their Albion and Hibernia counterparts.  Left over points can be placed into Parry.
RAs: LW, Purge, Det, MoB and SB are all useful.